Quality from Transylvania

Modern slaughterhouse Integrated with farms

Carna Carpatica is a cattle and sheep slaughterhouse in the heart of Transylvania,
at the foot of the Carpathians. A partnership with Romanian roots and international expertise (Romania, Switzerland, Italy) in beef and lamb production and processing.

The Carna Carpatica slaughterhouse is built to the most modern standards: according to animal welfare criteria.We all want the animals whose meat we eat to be treated with care and respect. For us at Carna Carpatica, this means: 100% focus on the welfare of animals raised on partner farms, which are entrusted to us for slaughter.

Using modern, high-performance technological lines, professional staff and well-defined procedures, we promise a cattle and sheep slaughterhouse of international standards, whose activity starts with the rigorous selection of animals, ensures the slicing, packaging and distribution of chilled or frozen products.

Export of meat and meat products

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to run a successful export program. Carna Carpatica provides a variety of products based on fresh or frozen beef and lamb meat to customers:

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We breed and produce beef cattle and lambs

The Carna Carpatica partners come from the livestock sector (agriculture, cattle and lamb breeding and fattening) and have decided to set up the Carna Carpatica partnership for the professional production of beef and lamb carcasses and cuts for the European and Worldwide market.

Agriculture and food production can be done in a sustainable and nature-friendly way, and our partner farms prove it. The meat products produced and distributed by Carna Carpatica come from animals raised on farms in our country and are processed with modern techniques that ensure high quality.

We produce meat to the highest quality standard

Carna Carpatica took shape from the desire to offer both in the Romanian market and in export, meat products with Romanian origin and full traceability, obtained in a complete internal chain.
Our aim is to provide our partners with meat obtained from animals from reputable local farms, slaughtered to the highest European standards.

Carna Carpatica operates efficiently in an integrated business system, enabling tight control of systems, starting from breeding farms to feed production and prepping, animal transport to the slaughterhouse, slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution. This macro perspective of the production process guarantees the highest quality standard for our customers, while also ensuring high sustainability and consumer food safety.

The slaughter process:

Highest standards

The slaughterhouse complies with strict food safety standards and rules, as well as EU hygiene regulations.

No crossed workflow, minimal or no human intervention

The slaughterhouse has a well-organized workflow management system.

Respect for animal welfare

Animal welfare: the slaughterhouse complies with animal welfare tandards. We relieve animals of unnecessary stress. We eliminate long animal transport issues.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental governance: We comply with environmental standards.

Safety & Quality

Certificated by health authorities attesting the high quality of the slaughtering process.


The slaughterhouse is Halal certified and adheres to Islamic Jurisprudence.

We guarantee traceability "from farm to fork"

We have a duty to provide safe and reliable food as a producer of meat and meat products.This entails consistent quality management and close collaboration among partners, suppliers, and customers.Animal welfare and natural feeding are top priorities on partner farms.
Carna Carpatica’s production animals are fed 100% naturally, with grass from the pasture or internally produced fodder from the breeding farms. Artificial additives, growth hormones, premixes, and other additives are not included in their feed recipe.
The guaranteed food safety of the local product we deliver is not only the focus of our production process, but also the main feature of our products. At Carna Carpatica, we deliver quality in meat products and safety for our customers.”


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